Cultural artefacts of metro line M3 are moving to Museum of Transport
Posted by Budnews · Nov 24, 2020

510 works of art from the rebuilt stations of metro line M3 have been added to the collection of Museum of Transport.

Reconstruction work of metro M3 arrived to its final phase: renovation of the middle section between Lehel tér and Nagyvárad tér began on 7 November. And just as during the previous phases, the specialists of Museum of Transport saved many valuable works of art in cooperation with BKV.

The renovation of M3 metro was already accompanied by the restoration of works of art at the stations and the collection of furniture and other infrastructural elements of museum value. The closed middle section is no exception, with more than 500 works of art migrating to the collection of the Museum of Transport.

From the very beginning, the museologists have professionally selected objects from the stations that are valuable from the point of view of transport history, including orange and lemon benches, passenger information boards, maps, stone cladding, metal cladding elements and mechanical tools.

As Miklós Merczi, an employee of the Museum of Transport, said: “The permanent exhibition of the new Museum of Transport is still at the beginning of the planning process, but we will definitely want to present metro relics. For this, in addition to the fact that the Museum has a duty to collect and preserve all transport-themed relics for posterity, it was absolutely necessary to collect the M3 objects for our exhibition."

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