Hortobágy among top 25 destinations in the world
Posted by Mia Balogh · Nov 30, 2020

According to National Geographic, these are the most inspiring travel destinations for 2021 and the future – the surprising but heart-warming fact is, that a Hungarian region, Hortobágy is also on their list.

If you really miss travelling and can’t wait to start planning your next journey, let us give you some inspiration thanks to National Geographic who decided to rank the top 25 destinations to visit in the future – maybe in 2021 already, if everything goes well.

So you can check out the whole list with interesting places like some regions of Canada or Korea here: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/features/best-of-the-world-2021/

And you can also find a Hungarian region, the Hortobágy on their list. ‘The broad spaces of Hortobágy National Park are nature-made for social distancing. Covering nearly 200,000 acres of the Great Hungarian Plain in eastern Hungary, the expansive World Heritage site preserves the largest remaining native grassland in Europe as well as pastoral traditions dating back millennia’ – they write about this huge puszta (barren land).


Hortobágy is also home for some 340 bird species, that make the park one of central Europe’s best birding locations. But if you are not keen on birding, don’t worry, you’ll find so much more interesting things, animals here, like racka sheep and some 300 of the Przewalski’s horses.

Also humans are quite interesting here, like a few hundred shepherds and cowboys, called csikós, and herdsmen who have their puli dogs – this is an ancient Hungarian breed with a coat like a mop. They are really cute by the way. ;)

So we hope that now you definitely feel like visiting the Hortobágy in the near future – like and share our article, if we are right. ;)

Source: nationalgeographic.com

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