A$AP Rocky is posing in an Unicum-printed hoodie
Posted by Budnews · Dec 31, 2020

The cult Hungarian bitter appeared in a surprising place at the end of the year.

If we hadn't expected one thing at the end of 2020, it was surely that one of the most famous Hungarian drinks would appear in the wardrobe of an American rapper. “Stomach Strengthening Liqueur - Beware! Imitate!” – says the caption on A$AP Rocky’s hoodie, and above the inscription there is a classic Unicum bottle with a Zwack logo, as we know it so well.

The hoodie was designed by Marine Serre in collaboration with AWGE, and as it turned out, the Zwack family knew nothing about it. It turned out to them completely by accident that the American rapper were using their 110-year-old poster.


When asked if they plan to take the matter to court, they answered that they are not dealing with it yet, however, that they plan to "use this in internal, Hungarian communications," as they plan to comes into contact with A$AP Rocky and Marine Serre.

If you’re very excited about this news, we have a bad news: every piece in Serre’s collection is unique, the clothes are just similar, but the pattern each one is different. That means, there seems to be only one piece in the world of Marine Serre’s hoodie with the 110-year-old Zwack poster.

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