Budapest through the eyes of 100 homeless people
Posted by Mia Balogh · Aug 9, 2016

Thanks to a new initiative, 100 homeless people can show us how they see the city.

My Budapest Photo Project. This is the name of a new initiative by Budapest Bike Maffia, made with two important goals: raising awareness of the society on the problem of homelessness and giving new chances to those who don’t have a home. The project’s creators think, or better to say, they believe that art has a huge power and it can change a lot of things.

So they gave disposable cameras to 100 homeless people and asked them to make snaps of Budapest – about the city where we all live. They were asked to show us the Hungarian capital as they see it.

The photos were made in July. The artworks will be seen by a jury at first, and the best ones will be exhibited, and the visitors of this exhibition can vote and decide which 12+1 photo can be seen in My Budapest 2017 calendar. Homeless artists will get money after the sold calendars, and the creators of the best photos will be rewarded.

In my opinion, money is a good motivation for the majority of people, but instead of cash, homeless people would profit much more from possibilities (for example the chance to work again) in the long run than from money. But I am really happy that there is happening something on this front in the city, and really hope that the power of art can help at least 12+1 homeless people. At least just a little bit.

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