Amusement Park of Budapest may reopen?!
Posted by Budnews · Dec 6, 2016

Several district offered to accommodate the amusement park.

As you may remember, amusement park of Budapest closed its doors in 2013 referring to economic reasons. In those days and since then a lot of people claim that a capital cannot be without such a park, and closing it was a huge mistake. Counting its direct predecessors: the funfair and the English park, this facility was one of the world's oldest continuously operating amusement park with its nearly two hundred years of history. And although this unbroken series has ended, now there is a slight chance to reopen the park – or a new park in the city.

- Újpest (north Pest) offered two suitable areas for investors to build the theme park, including the vast area near AquaWorld. At least, the district zoning plan has been made in that spirit…

- Zugló considers Rákosrendező as an appropriate venue for this purpose due to the proximity of Railway Museum.

- The 16th district would sell the former airfield at Mátyásföld for the purpose of entertainment, if somebody would buy it.

So not only a lot of people, but many local governments would welcome the park, the only question is: will there be an investor who embarks on such a large project or not.

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