Riverbank at Újpest is renewing
Posted by Budnews · Jan 24, 2017

There will be bike path, pedestrian walkway, parking for motorists. These are the plans.

In recent years, Danube gets more and more important role in the urban development projects, just think about the Nehru-shore project. Now it has been revealed: the city leaders redesign not only the southern part of the Pest wharf, but also the northern section. Pedestrian walkway and bicycle path will be built between the Parliament and the Rákos-stream and the surrounding area will be settled as well.

With the renewal of the quay and its surrounding, the area will be more livable and usable. The local government wrote that – based on European examples - the riverbank will be attractive to cyclists, young people, older citizens who’d like to walk, and even the tourists will surely be happy to come here and enjoy the view. The renewal of Pest lower embankment will be ready in two stages.

The northern section

The “Moscow promenade” would run from the Dráva Street - Népfürdő Street hub to Árpád Bridge. This is a seven-meter-wide lane, where pedestrian and cycle path will also be set (4-meter-wide pedestrian area, 2x1,25 meter wide bike path, 0,5 meters wide service path). The construction of the northern section started in October 2016 and lasts until spring of 2017.

The southern section

This area between Dráva Street and Margaret Bridge will be six-meter-wide. It gets decorative cladding, new public space items will be set and is going to facilitate the pedestrians to access the upper embankment. The road next to the walkway will be 3,5 meters wide, with 2x1 traffic lanes. A three-meter-wide parking lane will also be established. The construction work on the southern section began in the second week of January 2017. The section between Kossuth Square and Margaret Bridge will be ready after the 2017 World Aquatics Championships.

(The source of the scenery plans: budapest.hu)

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