Free hotspots of Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Mar 21, 2017

Countless places offer free Wi-Fi in the Hungarian capital and more new developments are coming.

We, Hungarians take free Wi-Fi quite seriously. In the past few years this somehow became a fundamental human right here, and we are outraged, if a place doesn’t have public Wi-Fi. So it’s not a surprise that no one dare to take the risk. If it wouldn’t be enough that all the pubs / clubs have it, but even the theaters offer public Wi-Fi and the local government offer hotspots in public spaces. The Hungarian State Railways offers this service in many trains, and now here comes the newest development. BKK published a tender in which they looking for entrepreneurs to develop the Wi-Fi network on trams. In the first phase we can browse on 40 tram for free within one or two years

If you wonder about free Wi-Fi in your area, we recommend the Telekom Fon application. This, as the name suggests, available for Telekom users, and shows all free hotspots nearby after a quick registration. Vodafone also has its Hotspotfinder, and it worth checking other phone providers too. And we have a hotspot map, which is only available in Hungarian but is very simple: add your current address and the site will show all the free Wi-Fi spots nearby.

So who cares about the expensive foreign data usage, right?

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