Budapest100 presents: buildings by the Danube
Posted by Budnews · Mar 24, 2017

This year’s Budapest100 focuses on the waterfront and will be held on the weekend of April 22-23.

Take a closer look on the 100 years old buildings of Budapest! That’s the aim of the annual Budapest 100 event. But as there is not too many buildings dating from 1917 (because of WWI) this year’s event looks instead at a single aspect of the city: waterfront.

The Danube is the lifeblood of Budapest. Although the river’s traditional role in the city’s commerce and industry has faded, but the future of the waterfront is a frequent topic of debate and an urgent challenge for urban planners. Many public and commercial buildings, as well as apartment buildings, will be open to the public on the April 22-23 weekend. Numerous displays, exhibitions and concerts will be held all along the ten-kilometre stretch of the Danube between Árpád híd and Rákóczi híd.

During this two days, the people who live in buildings involved in Budapest100 open their doors and their courtyards to visitors, giving them the chance to gain valuable insights into the history of the buildings and their inhabitants, and perhaps to sample some home baking! Budapest100 will share the stories of people living and working along the waterfront, revealing both the advantages and disadvantages of living in this splendid location.

We will be there. And you?

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