Black Swan - The most elegant bar of Budapest opened its doors
Posted by Budnews · Jul 3, 2017

Enjoy Budapest nightlife on a higher level.

Everybody heard about the legendary party district of Budapest. Local people hate it because it’s impossible to live in the always shiny and loud neighbourhood, but it’s one main tourist attraction of the city. Not that we don’t like bachelor companies, but still. We’re really happy to introduce Black Swan, an elegant new bar, which is going against this trend. Although it’s in the same neighborhood, but not in the main street, Wesselényi. And the level is not at drunk youngsters!

Even the entrance is special: semi-circular shading of old times marks the door. It has some Parisian elegance, but it also reminds us to the old hotels in New York. When entering the art deco style door, the shelves behind the bar are covered with mirror and a copper shelf catches the eye immediately.

As for the selection: they are very strong in whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila and even in mezcal. They have many items that can’t be found elsewhere in the city or even in the country. There are nine signature drinks, from which we recommend Trufa Negroni, which is made even more elegant with truffles and truffle caviar served in oysters.

T&T stands for tequila and tonic: yep, it’s like the classic gin-tonic, just better. Lavender Avenue is soft and feminine, and their own Bloody Mary version, called Mary Swan also worth tasting. But the drink card is just a guidance, we can entrust ourselves to the bartender any time. They will surprise us with the perfect drink if we say an occasion or mood. We also really love that they go beyond the salty hazel-olive line as they have a big kitchen. They have a sophisticated bar-kitchen with tartar, padrón pepper, truffles mac & cheese, popcorn with shrimp, fried fillet mignon in green egg, and miniburger.

You might have already guessed that not the cheapest place in town has been open for about two weeks ago, but Black Swan is something everyone definitely have to try once in a lifetime!

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