Completely renewed Museum of Fine Arts opens next year
Posted by Budnews · Jul 18, 2017

The renovation of the Romanian Hall is almost done, the development of new exhibition and public spaces will end at the end of the year. After its comprehensive reconstruction, Museum of Fine Arts opens in autumn 2018.

The Museum of Fine Arts is closed for renovation for more than two years, and the construction work is progressing well. This building really needed a thorough renovation: it hasn’t been renovated since god knows when.

The renovation affects 14 thousand square meters, 40% of the floor area. In the framework of the almost 10-billion-forint investment they modernize the heating system, complete accessibility, make the air conditioning of the exhibition halls, and even create new exhibition and public spaces, modern restoration and warehouses. Artworks will have nearly 500 square meter additional space in the renovated building.

The building will also serve the audience better: the Egyptian collection will move to a larger space, and its original place will be a restaurant. They drastically increase the capacity of the dressing room and the museum pedagogy also got much larger place.

Which is even better: the Romanian Hall is planned to be temporarily presented to the public before the opening of the Museum, in Spring 2018 - the General Director announced. This Romanian hall, by the way, is the „heart” of the building, and one main element of the reconstruction works: seventy restorers worked on the paintings of the almost 900 square meter wall.

Can’t wait to see!

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