about us

Ágnes Taraszovics

I'm Agnes Taraszovics, journalist and communication designer by qualification. After I’ve tried both the organizational work at Ludwig Museum and the journalism (in the print media at Magyar Hírlap, online at nembulvar.hu and mediakapu.hu), at last writing won the contest. I know that I want to write in some form since I won a tale writing competition at age 10, with a story about two polar bear cubs and a snowbear. Now, however, if writing a book would take place (which I’m planning to), that would be a handbook for decision-making meetings on the basis of the critical observations of the decision-making literature. In the meantime, until this is realized, here you can read my writings about the things that I’m interested in, that should be written and worth to read.

Email: agnes.taraszovics@budnews.hu

Mia Balogh

Journalism, television, press management. My name is Mia Balogh and work in these areas of the Hungarian media. As a journalist, I work for Wellness magazine, WellnessCafe.hu and Presztízs Style magazine – publish usually about lifestyle, celebrities, news and programs. I also started my own blog in 2012 which attracts more and more readers, interested in media and in my job.

Television is part of my life, just like the Kasza show on the Hungarian Super TV2 channel where I started work in 2013, while being a student at TV2 Akadémia, a well-known media school in Budapest. At the show, my job offers diversity, multi-tasking, helping the TV shootings, working with assistants, editors, celebrities... so a lot of work but a lot of fun, as well.

The third area where I work in the media is press management. Being press manager at Room Service, the most famous Bryan Adams Tribute Band in Europe and Station – U2 Tribute Band means a lot of responsibility, work, commitment for music and media, but a lot of fun, too.

In my free time I like travelling and taking pictures – my dream vacation might be somewhere in Turkey or in Brazil, with lots of colourful markets, little houses, long roads and the sea.Unforgettable.

Email: mia.balogh@budnews.hu