‘Secret Urban Notebook’ to help you discover Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Aug 24, 2016

Are you keen on learning more about the city centre of Budapest? This small exercise book can make it more interesting and enjoyable – grab one for free!

Budapest is a big city (as the capital city of Hungary, this is quite evident, I think) but the city centre is not impossible to discover by taking a couple of nice walks. If you would like to take an organized tour, there are several programs that you can participate at, but if you want to go alone or just with your friends and family, you can plan your own walk in the city – for example with the help of a ‘Secret Urban Notebook’.

I have read about this small exercise book a few days ago and I learned that it was made mainly for families and kids but I am sure that it can be useful for everyone who wants to know more about the city of Budapest and about hidden details for example on famous buildings like Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Design Terminal, Gerbeaud Confectionary, etc.

The aim of this small notebook is to help families or families with children to know more about the city of Budapest and I think that the colourful issue fulfils its duty and gives even more: the possibility to think and create. For example we can note what we find useful and interesting (that’s why I’ve used the word ‘notebook’) and at some points, we can try to re-plan the city as we want to.

Where to get your free ‘Secret Urban Notebook’? Ask for it in Deák 17 Art Gallery for Children and Youth (Deák 17 Gyermek és Ifjúsági Művészeti Galéria), Deák Ferenc Street 17, first floor (reopens after 22 August).

It is important to note that the language of this publication is Hungarian so if you don’t speak and read in our language, please make sure that a Hungarian-speaking friend, family member or potential date joins you for a walk. Or for three or four, because all these information and interesting details are worth several nice walks! ;)

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