7 signs that remind you instantly that you are in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Nov 23, 2016

If you have already been to Budapest, we are sure that you will nid-nod and smile while reading these lines.

1. Amazing sights – Take a walk in the city and stop to admire the amazing sights. I can tell you that sometimes locals do so, too, because Buda Castle, the Parliament or St. Stephen’s Basilica (just to name a few) are so breathtaking that you can’t just walk past them.

2. Waterworld - After visiting every important building, statue, bridge and café that you wanted, we have some good news: you can go for a nice wellness to some of the best baths in Europe, or in the world! Széchenyi, Gellért, Rudas... pick one, or go to all of these. It is only your choice. You can also enjoy a nice boat cruise on the Danube, or eat on one of the ships turned into restaurants on the river, for example at Vigadó Square. In summer, try the local pools and beaches, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Culinary pleasures – In Hungary, you can’t avoid tasting the typical Hungarian dishes, from goulash soup, stew (‘pörkölt’) or stuffed cabbage (‘töltött káposzta’) to the delicious dessert zserbó. If you are lucky enough to be invited to a local family, you can taste everything and take from the food several times. We are sure that there will be enough food for everyone, even for the neighbours. And they will put some into little plastic boxes for you, because the mother or grandmother in the family will definitely doubt that you eat enough.

4. Tears in the kitchen – Would you like to cook something typically Hungarian in your apartment in Budapest? Well, let us warn you that you’ll need some tissues, even if you are a first class cook. Why? Because we need onions for almost every meal. And yes, the onions have to be peeled somehow...

5. Reconstructions – There is always some reconstruction going on in Budapest: roads, streets, squares, buildings, metro lines... one thing is for sure: you can’t go sightseeing or just for a walk without seeing something that is currently under (re)construction. Well, these things can be annoying, especially if you are driving in the city without a properly working navigation program, but let’s see the bright side: the city can become more and more beautiful, after the reconstructions are over.

6. (Bad) language – Hungarian people can be quite hot-tempered and the majority of them use bad language quite often. You won’t understand them – because our language is quite complicated anyways – unless you ask a Hungarian friend to teach you some four lettered words. It is interesting that these words are four lettered not only in English (well, literally), but in Hungarian, too.

7. Christmas fairs – One of the most beautiful times of the year begins now in Budapest, because the city will be full of Advent and Christmas fairs. The most popular one at Vörösmarty Square has already reopened, and we will tell you more about the upcoming ones next week. So stay tuned. ;)

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