Thematic walking streets of Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Dec 9, 2016

We’ll show where to go if you’d like to eat a good dinner, to shop or when you’re crazy about art antique stores.

Today, pretty much everyone knows that Raday Street is for culinary delight, the fashion street is for shopping, and it is no news that the Falk Miksa Street has most of the small galleries, antique shops and auction house. These thematic streets and neighborhoods of Budapest make easier the life of both tourists and local people, and also boost the business’ and the service provider’s traffic.

Falk Miksa Street: Art&Antique Street

This charming, tree-lined street and its neighborhood are touted as gallery district for decades. Now the stakeholders joint together to strengthen their profile: made cooperation with new name, uniform image and joint programs. 25 antique dealers and galleries take part in the joint project, which aims to bring more life into the quarter and to become more easily identifiable for tourists. Art & Antique Street cooperation will make Falk Miksa Street a true art trade hub. According to the plans, there will be „city border signs” at the beginning and end of the area. At Falk Miksa Street (that is now officially Art & Antique Street) even a walk is a great experience: paintings, porcelain trinkets, elegant phono stages, artistic lamps, stylish glass sets, and even swords and guns are popping up in the windows of shops.

Deák Ferenc Street: Fashion Street

Thanks to a major investment, Deák Ferenc Street regained its „fin de siècle splendor” by the millennium, and the Fashion Street was born. Fashion Street made Budapest a real Central-European center of fashion, among western cities such as Paris, Milan or London. The shopping street of ladies and gents attracts people with many shops, architectural masterpieces, luxury hotels and the well-known downtown pulsation. You can find everything here: from the men's and women's fashion, through the electronic gadgets to restaurants and cafes. Such internationally well-known brands have moved to Fashion Street as Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Furla, Massimo Dutti, Lacoste, United Colors of Benetton, Lloyd, Vapiano, and Starbucks. In fact, the Hungarian designers have also found their way to the street, as the flagship stores of Süel and Nanushka can be found here.

Ráday Street: The gastro-city

Ráday Street is the absolute restaurant center of Budapest. You can find Steakhouse, hamburger place, Persian, Spanish, Indian, and many Hungarian restaurants, and in addition to the culinary specialties, a lot of cultural programs await the visitors. The majority of the restaurants in Raday Street have many years of history. Although twenty years ago, electrical and auto parts stores have dominated the area, it has been many years that restaurants, cafes, pastry shops took over the street. These days Ráday Street is a contiguous terrace system. It combines gastronomy with culture, as strong cultural and artistic life colors the offer. You will find here the Michelin star winner Costes, Rombusz Terrace, „Paprika Jancsi” Hungarian restaurant, Trattoria, Soul Café, Pink Cadillac pizzeria, Vörös Postakocsi („red stagecoach”) Restaurant, Shiraz Persian restaurant, WokZilla… It’s worth walking through!

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