Posted by Eszter Hermann · Dec 13, 2014

Not only mozzarella, chocolate specialties, and mulled wine, but rolled cheese with fillings, acacia honey mixed with palinka and cherry-flavoured brown beer will be on the “menu” at the Flavours of Hungary Christmas gastro fair held at Erzsébet Square.

A major part of preparation for the holiday season is thinking about food and the popular Christmas markets are not the only places to be inspired at. The market of Hungarian Flavours is open from 12 to 23 December and awaits gastro fanatics at Erzsébet Square.


More than 60 domestic and cross-border Hungarian producers will present their goods, everything can be tasted and bought as well. There’s a special focus on cheese, visitors, can try flavoured cream cheese, smoked parenica or cream cheese with onion, paprika, parsley or garlic, among others.


Besides that, meat products such as smoked ham (from beyond the borders), homemade bacon, white sausage, wild boar salami, and a variety of sweets, like the famous beigli, Christmas fondants and chocolate specialties will be offered as well. Furthermore, delicious drinks such as palinka with honey, mulled wine and hot brown cherry beer will make the time spent at the market unforgettable.

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