Chinese New Year Concert
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jan 2, 2015

Shanghai Chinese Orchestra plays in Budapest on 26 January, 2015.

The majority of the world greeted the New Year yesterday, but China does the same 1-2 months later. On the occasion of the Chinese New Year the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra will perform in Budapest on January 26.

The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra was established in 1952, with the express goal of conveying China's joys, sorrows and everyday experiences in music in a way that can be appreciated over the whole world and particularly in the West. It was the first large-scale modern orchestra of traditional instruments in China. The members perform large-scale works as well as pieces for medium-sized and small ensembles of various instrumentations. They frequently perform new compositions and many award-winner pieces as well.

Many of the musicians had developed their skills in Europe or America. The orchestra and its conductor, Wang Fujian has performed in more than 80 cities in China, and citizens of more than 30 countries could verify their talent. It shows the orchestra’s prestige, that they often perform for heads of state and other dignitaries.

To our capital, to the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall of Palace of Arts they bring a light, melodic, almost film music-alike dreamworld. The evening promises a lightsome entertainment with a bunch of novelties, guaranteed to provide a relaxing diversion for music-lovers, because this ensemble understands well the Western aesthetic considerations and musical tastes.

Using this knowledge and armed with a huge amount of skill, talent, discipline and humility, the orchestra was able to put together an easily digestible musical mix. The orchestra's work can be considered as an overview of the musical history of China: the pieces in their repertoire clearly reflect the direction that Chinese classical music has taken and the evolution it has undergone in recent decades. Traditional Chinese instruments that sound unusual to us (such as the Chinese bamboo flute, zither and four-string mandolin) feature in tasteful harmony alongside the familiar instruments of the Western orchestra. The sound world of pieces goes back to the traditional Chinese folk compositions, and that’s why this concert could be a great choice for both who are familiar with the Chinese world and those who are making their first steps towards the Far East.

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