All morning is a party
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jan 27, 2015

The all-night party is not unusual, but one starting at dawn?

Now that one either, thanks to the Pesthajnal (“Pest Dawn”) team. On last Wednesday of each month we can have a real lazy-crazy experience if we manage to wake up some hours earlier than usual. Pesthajnal gives exactly the same thing that its name promises: an activating dance party early morning in Budapest, with yoga, massage, dance and music, but without alcohol.

Since it’s the fun of the working people, don’t expect some boisterous goa party: rather a kind of cozy breakfast, music, massage, lots of fun, lots of food and drink and pleasant conversation. Depending on our temperament, it could be anything from a real morning workout (even with change of clothes: there is a cloakroom, so either office staff should not be worried about) to a nice brunch with friends and colleagues.

Wednesday has not considered as a classic party day until now, but that has to be changed. It is better to write down 28 January to your calendar. Admission is free, but registration is required: The party lasts from 6:30-9:30 in the morning, yet it’s unknown where will the even be (it depends on the number of registrants), but we would guess something casually cool, charming, downtown location.

The organizers expect everyone who wants to recharge before work and cheerfully, energetically explode to their work place when everyone has lined up as a zombie in front of the coffee machine. As the slogan says: show fig sign to apathy!

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