Posted by Eszter Hermann · Feb 9, 2015

The popular group of incredible artists, Cirque du Soleil („Circus of the Sun”) is coming to Budapest. They’re performing their show Quidam four times between 13-15 February in Budapest Sports Arena.

A young girl, Zoé is bored. Her mom and dad don’t pay much attention to her, usually ignore her. She feels that slowly, her life loses all meaning. As a solution, to escape the world she lives in, to hide from her distant and apathetic she slides into an imaginary world. This is the story of the fascinating show and the world of fantasy where young Zoé escapes is the world of Quidam, a nameless, solitary figure lingering on a street corner, rushing past, anybody in the crowd. „The one who cries out, sings and dreams within us all.” This world of imagination that comes alive in front of us is a place for dreaming, where anyone, all quidams can emerge from anonymity.

The performances take places in a well-constructed, breathtaking monolithic structure, the set is dominated by a giant arch. The floor, built from metal tiles, is illuminated from above and below and the changes in lighting can easily transform the mood of a scene from comedy to tragedy. The revolving stage reflects an always changing, unpredictable world. This is the set where the numerous amazing performances of acrobats take place. One of the acts is the award-winning banquine in which 15 artists perform spectacular sequences of acrobatics and human pyramids. Another is the act of the German wheel, a gymnastic exercise that is taken to a new level in Quidam. The artist spins, turns, twists and maneuvers the wheel, performing gravity-defying acrobatics.

The circus is a Canadian company founded in 1984 by two former street performers, by now, their creations have received numerous prizes and distinctions, including three Drama Desk Awards, three Gemini Awards, four Primetime Emmy Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The international cast of Cirque du Soleil features 46 world-class acrobats, musicians, singers and characters who have made the performances well-known all around the world. As part of their tour, they perform in Budapest and invite the audience into the world of Quidam in 4 shows between 13-15 February.

More info on the performance schedule and tickets are here.

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