Weapon, fishing and hunting international exhibition
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Feb 10, 2015

This weekend we offer a masculine occupation again: weapon, fishing and hunting international exhibition, which is the largest and most atmospheric meeting of the Carpathian Basin hunters, anglers and nature lovers.


On this exhibition all supplies and equipments can be found for the successful hunting or the adventurous fishing; and in addition to the accessories, many shows, performances, competitions, food and drink will provide the pleasant and eventful recreation.

Each year the concept owners organize the VKE competition and the pet and falconry show, which is accompanied with bird flying. But the hunting & working dog show is also promised to be spectacular for which a whole separate pitch will be built.

The weapon lovers can find their calculation as well: at the booth of the Budapest Police Headquarters they are happy to provide information on the regular storage of weapons, the rules of buying them or the use of certain guns. Moreover, courageous visitors can try several "sports", since the MAGNUM Shooting Range is in service again. You can try shooting in "drunk goggles" and the grueling simulator as well.

In addition to all these, during this four days such curiosities can be viewed as the best Hungarian selection of the 2013-2014 hunting season, there will be an international professional conference about the traditional and emerging hunting ammunition, and of course culinary demonstration and tasting, with wild game and fish dishes on the plates.

And as an additional program let’s take a look at the Budapest Boat Show, the National Archery Championship or the IV. FEHOVA- MEOE International dog show, which will all be the accompanying programs of the Expo between 12-15 February on Hungexpo.

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