Gelarto Rosa: ice cream as a form of art
Posted by Katalin Török · Aug 25, 2014

Artisan ice creams have recently become popular, realising the demand for healthy goodies. Gelarto Rosa has developed its supply to perfection: their ice creams are not only healthy, but they are also a form of art.


If you take a walk by the Basilica, you can’t miss people with ice cream roses in their hands – they are all satisfied customers of Gelarto Rosa, the ice cream parlor right next to the church. The small business has a terrace in the summer, and as you take a look inside, you feel like you have to step in, because the atmosphere is so catching, and the way these roses are created looks so delicious, it leaves you no doubt about having to try it – as we already have (hence the enthusiasm).


Gelarto Rosa won TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence in 2013, well-earned. They offer handmade ice creams including natural ingredients only, without artificial coloring. Instead of scoops, they serve their ice cream as roses, creating each and every portion or cone as a unique artwork using ice cream as art material. The result is both beautiful and delicious, due to the traditional Italian recipes they use as a base. Their unique way of mixing different tastes makes them extraordinary as well: you can try white chocolate-levander, chili-chocolate, lemon-basil, or strawberry-elderflower just to mention a few. The service is kind, and they have sugar- and gluten-free versions as well.

The interior of Gelarto Rosa with its bright colors and vintage furniture suggests the same attention that you get while staying there – it is familiar and welcoming. If the weather is colder, you can choose from macarons or different cookies. They have hot chocolate and first quality coffee as well.

Having an ice cream in Gelarto Rosa brings back childhood memories, when everything seemed more wonderful. With a view to the Basilica, this is the perfect spot to have a few minutes for your own during a busy day.

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