Best places to drink mulled wine in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 31, 2014

If you missed to taste mulled wine at the Christmas fairs, it is still not too late to give it a try in a nice café or restaurant in Budapest. We give you some good advices, where to go for our favourite mulled wines in the city.

In this cold weather, everybody likes to have some warm drinks. If you have tasted mulled wine, and you like it, you might agree with us that it is one of the most tasteful drinks of the winter season – and one of the most popular ones in the cafés and restaurants of Budapest, as well. Let us give you some tips, where to go for the best mulled wines in the downtown of Budapest.


Take a little walk from Astoria or Deák Square, to Semmelweis Street, where you can find Fahéj Café – one of our favourite cafés in the city. You can find here temporary exhibitions, nice food and drinks and of course great mulled wine for a reasonable price. If you arrive with friends, it is worth reserve a table, because there are always lots of guests here.

Táskarádió Espresso

If you like the retro feeling and things, and you would like to fly back in time to the 60s, then don’t miss Táskarádió Espresso. The place is full of toys and photos of this era, and of course you can see here lots of portable radios, what the name “Táskarádió” means in Hungarian. You can try different food and drinks from the menu, for example mulled wine, too. Here, it is served not too hot, but it is nice, obviously made with cinnamon and orange.


Café Alibi

At the other side of Egyetem Square, near Táskarádió Espresso, you can find Alibi Café, a simple but really nice place with friendly staff. Last time we tried mulled wine here, we should ask for it at a small hut, built right next to the building. What we got here was delicious and well-spiced, with a beautiful red colour. The only disadvantage of their mulled wine was that it gets colder very fast, so if you buy one here, you should drink it faster than usually.


If you like spicy drinks and orange, try mulled wine in Lecsó Restaurant, next to the Vígszínház. The friendly staff, the ambiance, the taste of the food and drinks and the prices on the menu make you think of the small Hungarian restaurants, so it is really worth trying.


Cruise on the Danube with snacks and mulled wine

A mix of white and red wine, cinnamon, clove, orange, lemon, vanilla and some secret ingredients. This is what waits for you, if you try the special offer of 1 hour cruise on the Danube on a ship with heating, snacks and mulled wine. You can see the beauties of Budapest, for example the Parliament, Buda Castle, the bridges and Vigadó, while enjoying your hot drink made of good quality wine.

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