Best places to have breakfast in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Feb 4, 2015

Breakfast is the most important food, as they say in Hungary. You can find several nice places to do so in Budapest, let’s see the best ones according to our opinion.


A table! restaurant and bakery

If you would like to have a nice breakfast, and you are at the Buda side of the capital, then don’t miss A table! in the second district. Not only the name of this wonderfully furnished place is French, but the pastries are, too. The menu – dishes made of fresh fruits, vegetables and French flour – changes in every season. The staff as friendly as the whole place, and the service is really fast, too.

Don’t miss: their croissants, éclairs and the bostock brioche with berries.


Would you like to feel the legendary hospitality of the Hungarian countryside in Budapest? Then visit SzendZsó, a really friendly place in Frankel Leo Street. They offer simple, fresh, delicious food, and if you would like to try traditional Hungarian sausages, salami, ham, chocolates, cheese, etc., this is one of the best places to do it. You can taste several dishes made of egg, as well, but if you would like to try pastries or homemade bread, you can do so, too. For vegetarians, they offer nice specialties with mushroom and vegetables.

Don’t miss: the Mediterranean omelette and the pastries.

Briós Café

Would you like to enjoy a nice breakfast with a delicious coffee, right in the city? Then choose Briós Café in the 13th district, near Jászai Mari Square, not far from Nyugati Railway Station, and we are sure that you will not find it easy to choose from the menu. They have a large variety of sandwiches, toasts, quesadillas, eggs, French toasts, pancakes, etc. Their menu is available via internet and in English, as well.

Don’t miss: if your child celebrates his or her birthday in Hungary, you can rent the whole restaurant for hours, so you can have a special celebration here with family and friends.

Cserpes Milk bar

The most popular places among Hungarians or tourists, students or grownups in Budapest are probably Cserpes Milk bars – not only one, because we have four of them in the city. We like the one at Deák Square, because it is right in the city centre and it is friendly with its upstairs area, but because of the crowd we prefer going to the one at Corvin. This one is bigger, with the same delicious and fresh fruit salads, pastries, sandwiches, toasts, milkshakes, lemonades and hot drinks.

Don’t miss: their menu – hot cocoa and a pastry – for only 430 forints.

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