Video: this is how House of Hungarian Music will look like
Posted by Mia Balogh · Sep 4, 2018

Plans unveiled and will make your jaw drop.

Although Liget project has been stirring a lot of controversy in the past few months (because activists and a lot of other people have feared that City Park – the so-called Városliget – will lose a lot from its greenery with a couple of new huge building being constructed here), we can’t go by without saying a word after having watched the following video.

The short film is a virtual tour in the new House of Hungarian Music, which will be under construction soon near Vajdahunyad Castle and set to open by the end of 2020. Here you can see the detailed plans of the edifice which will show a lot of harmony with nature: it will be built partly underground (like it would be part of the City Park) and its airy design will be incorporating plenty of greenery.

The three-storey building will host permanent and seasonal exhibitions on its underground level. On the ground floor, concert halls and an auditorium will be constructed, while the top floor will be home to lecture rooms and a modern digital library.

Do you have a little bit more than one and a half minute to go for a virtual tour in this jaw-dropping edifice? ;)

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