Sziget Eye on Erzsébet Square
Posted by Mia Balogh · May 22, 2014

Enjoy the unforgettable panorama of Budapest from bird’s view, try the Ferris wheel called Sziget Eye on Erzsébet Square – you won’t regret it.

After last year’s success, the Ferris wheel called Sziget Eye will be in Erzsébet Square this summer again. If you didn’t have the possibility to try it last year, then you can do it this year, from the end of May till the end of September. Or if you could go for a round last summer, we hope that you will come back this year to repeat it.


Sziget Eye can be found in the heart of Budapest, on Erzsébet Square (at Deák Square) and this year, it won’t be taken to the Sziget Festival, like it was last year, because this Summer, there will be another Ferris wheel at the Festival – a smaller one.

The Ferris wheel is a great spectacle in the city. You can see it from hundreds of meters and if you reach it, you can feel that it gives a different ambiance to the square and to the city, as well. It is unique, just like the panorama it makes possible to enjoy.

Sziget Eye is built by a special method, watch the video below:

Facts and interesting details about Sziget Eye

The ‘big wheel’ is 65 meters tall, and it has 41 cabins, closed and air-conditioned, each for 8 persons. It also has a VIP cabin for 4 persons. Sziget Eye can maximally take 332 persons for once and one round takes at least 10 minutes.


The parts of this spectacular Ferris wheel were taken to Budapest in 24 containers. It can be built in 6 days, by 20 people and a160 tons crane. It works with an electro-magnetic system, so it is completely noiseless. It is the biggest temporarily built Ferris wheel in Europe.

It is really safe, comfortable and gives you the experience of a panorama you will never forget.


About the prices: we don’t know if they keep last year’s ticket prices but if they do, a round for adults will be 2400 HUF (8 €) and 1500 HUF (5 €) for children under 140 centimetres. You can try it every day from 10 am.

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