Posted by Eszter Hermann · Jun 9, 2014

After years of financial difficulties, the Amusement Park of Budapest was closed on 30 September, 2013. But being granted to Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden, the area’s been given a chance of rebirth.

As of 29 April, the area has turned into a family leisure park of the zoo and now operates under the name of ’Once Upon a Time’ Park (Holnemvolt Park). Not only various exotic and local mammal and bird species, such as meerkat, fallow deer, wild boar, emu, or flamingo, but indigenous and exotic domestic animals, shire horse, Bactrian camel, dwarf zebu, guinea pig are inhabitants of the park, too.

photo: zoobudapest.com

The former Amusement Park (Vidámpark) on the other hand could preserve at least some of its glory; besides the colourful fauna, the area features a few entertainment rides, too. Attractions such as the „hundred-year-old” carousel, the cave train, the roller coaster, the fairy tale boat, the enchanted castle and the funny jungle ride have been taken over from the heritage of the Amusement Park.

photo: zoobudapest.com

’Once Upon a Time’ Park is not yet finished though; the constructions during the past few months are only the first steps. Budapest Zoo worked out a plan for the future including 3 main components. Besides preserving the pieces of valuable heritage, the protected monuments of the Amusement Park, the Hungarian ’Tale Park’ (Magyar Mesepark) and Pannon Park are among the projects as well. According to the plans, Pannon Park is going to display the ancient wildlife of the Carpathian Basin, while ’Tale Park’ is going to give an opportunity for visitors to get closer to the tame inhabitants of the area and learn more about the age-old relationship between humans and animals.

Opening hours:

• Monday-Thursday: 10am - 6pm (last entry at 5pm)

• Friday-Sunday: 10am-7pm (last entry at 6pm)


• the park is free to visit with zoo tickets and passes

• tickets only to the park: 500 HUF

More information: www.zoobudapest.com/en/holnemvolt-park

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