Posted by Eszter Hermann · Jun 16, 2014

The Hungarian capital is the 10th cheapest city according to travel website

The famous American travel site compared the most popular cities of all together 48 countries, those that attract the biggest number of foreign tourists from all around the world. The prices indicated by the so-called TripIndex show how much it costs for two visitors to spend a night in a 4, 4.5 star hotel, to drink a cocktail, to consume a two course meal with a bottle of local wine and to travel (back and forth) by taxi. The local prices were converted to dollars based on the exchange rate on 31 March 2014.


This tourist package in London costs 520 dollars (more than 115 000 forints), with which the British capital came out to be the most expensive on the list of 48. In only a year’s period, London managed to climb up the list by six places. The cheapest city appears to be the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, where lucky visitors can enjoy the same package for only 153 dollars (about 34 000 forints).


Budapest is amongst the most affordable destinations, too, apparently the 10th cheapest. Here, you need 200 dollars for all those services (45 200 forints) and more than half of this amount of money (110 dollars) belongs to the accomodation. Prague and Sofia from Europe and otherwise seven African and Asian cities seem to be even cheaper than the Hungarian capital.

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