New visitor center in the Parliament
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jul 10, 2014

Along with the Kossuth Square’s renovation and the development of an underground garage, a new visitor center was built in the Parliament. Although the exhibitions are opening at the end of summer, we already present the building complex because from architectural point of view this 3,000 square-foot building includes many curiosities.

For example: this visitor center is housed in the closed tunnel of the ventilation system created during the original construction of Parliament. The construction of the visitor center meant multiple tasks for both the designers and the contractors, because the area forms a historically consistent, aesthetically thought out unit. The recently renovated building should not appear in the overall picture, therefore, is housed entirely below ground so the sight is not at all confusing. Moreover, the passage leading to the reception area and the flight of stairs created the previously missing link between the Danube and the square.


The visitor center’s glass-walled reception area provides a first-class panorama of the Danube and Buda. The restrained, simple structures allow the neo-Gothic buildings towering over the courtyard to prevail. By the final handover at the end of the summer not only the view will be interesting, but exhibitions will be opened too. In one part, an exhibition of the history of Hungarian parliamentarianism will open and below the brick vault of the aisle in front of the exhibition hall such architectural relics will be exhibited like the remains of the original construction that survived the last more than one hundred years in the attic.


An exhibition about the history of the Parliament’s construction will be placed in a building built below one of the largest courtyards of the Parliament. Interesting to note that earlier a nondescript building from the Rákosi era stood here, the so-called "breather", which was an eavesdropping center. It was named so because the phone lines were surrounded by another tube, so if someone tried to drill into the system, the pressure inside has changed and the center noticed the enemy attack.

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