Festival no one should miss: Coffee Day 2019
Posted by Budnews · Sep 27, 2019

Everything will be about coffee in Aquarium Club on September 28.

World Coffee Day is a "holiday" in many countries: on this day, coffee shops are waiting with special offers and special tastings. This is no different in Budapest, where the official World Coffee Day event will be held at the Aquarium Club, where every coffee-lover will find what they love the most.

We will have the opportunity to see barista performances and competitions, there will be tastings and we can purchase from domestic and international brands on Saturday, September 28. Domestic roasters and international brands all in one place, super atmosphere, novelties of the market, coffee art and coffee scent await on Elizabeth Square... do you need more? The admission fee is 2000 HUF, which includes unlimited coffee tastings and programs at the booths.

If you want to know more about the world of coffee, if you are curious about the latest trends, top quality, specialty coffees, or eager to watch shows, competitions, or shopping, don't miss World Coffee Day! We will be there.

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