World stars wear the unique Hungarian sunglasses
Posted by Budnews · Dec 5, 2018

Vinyl spectacle frames conquered Hollywood.

Only a few knows that one of the world's most spectacular glasses manufactures operates in Budapest. Tipton Eyework converts old vinyl records to spectacle frames. The idea is not new: Zachary Tipton moved to Hungary in 2002, and soon after he came into contact with the glasses factory of Esztergom where he was able to start the mass production of the fully developed design brand. The final result of the joint work was the unique Vinylize collection, created using only vinyl and cellulose acetate. Since then, another line, Cinematique has been established, which has old film frames hidden in its stainless-steel eyeglass temples. Their newest AC/DC collection is made from the band’s Back in Black album and Tipton also has a colorful NVSBLE collection made from vinyl.

Tipton Eyeworks believes it is important that every product is manufactured manually and from recycled material. Further important ars poetics of the company is that their products are all made in Hungary. Tipton Eyeworks's products are now available in more than 300 premium optics, and the company enjoys a tremendous reputation. Many celebrities have discovered Tipton and has loyalty for the Tipton Eyeworks Vinylize glasses. Such celebrities include Elton John, Robbie Williams and his girlfriend Ayda Field, Mick Fleetwood, Elvis Costello, a Brazilian footballer Dani Alves, Fred Durst, frontman of Limp Bizkit and even the former president of the United States, Barack Obama.

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