Hungarian drone software can ease shopping at IKEA
Posted by Mia Balogh · Feb 28, 2019

Testing has already begun, we can’t wait to see how this software can help make things easier.

The drone software of Hungarian startup Aeriu can make shopping at IKEA much easier: it is supposed to help with taking inventories and the whole process of shopping, online and in stores, as well. Why? Because drones are supposed to be faster and more precise than the current system involving manual workers.

The two companies are planning long-term collaboration to develop a technology-controlled system, for which the testing period has already begun in the IKEA warehouse in Soroksár.

How can a drone software help online and in-store shoppers?

We all saw at IKEA that bigger pieces of furniture are usually stored on the higher shelves meanwhile lighter, more easily movable items can be carried away from the lower shelves. With the help of the drones, customers can get ‘real-time’ feedback whether the item is available at the store or not. In the future, this can be a very useful novelty for online shoppers and also for those who visit one of the stores.


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