Surprising location for the newest baths of Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Aug 2, 2019

You would never guess the location of the new baths, planned to have 10 pools and year-long opening schedule.

There have been several examples in Budapest in the past few years for redevelopment of several baths and lidos, but now the reconstruction of a completely new ten-pool spa and lido is definitely on the cards. You would never guess location: the abandoned Józsefváros train station could be transformed completely into a baths.

Why here? Because under the area, thermal waters of 70-72 degrees were found previously, with very similar composition to the waters we all can enjoy for example at Széchenyi Baths.

Crazy right? But it can become reality soon. It was already announced in the Hungarian press that 200 million forints from the central budget has been earmarked for the development. The new complex would have indoor and outdoor pools – 10 altogether – and also a sauna complex.

The area is not quite inviting – the abandoned train station is located in the “notorious” 8th district of Budapest – but we think that besides a lot of other projects, this new baths could also bring some good vibrations in this area.

Source: WeLoveBudapest

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