Budapest is 3rd best stag do destination in the world
Posted by Mia Balogh · Aug 17, 2019

Cheap beer, acceptable food and taxi prices make Budapest one of the best stag party locations in the world.

We already know that Budapest is not only a beautiful, colourful and interesting city but it also offers lots of possibilities for a night out. Plenty of bars, pubs and other places are inviting us all to spend a crazy night out there, and if we look at the prices in other European cities, we can feel quite lucky for the acceptable prices concerning food, drinks or a taxi ride.

So maybe it is not a wonder that Budapest was chosen the 3rd best stag do destination in the world by According to them, London is the best place to have a stag do but if you’re looking for a lads’ holiday abroad, they assure you that Prague or Budapest are your best bet.

‘They took second and third place on our ranking, with scores of 7.4 and 6.6 respectively. After London, Prague has the widest selection of bars and clubs while Budapest has the most bar, pub, and club tours’ – they write.

By checking out their compilation, you will see that in the top 10, Budapest is one of the cheapest cities to enjoy a pint – it is cheaper only in Sofia and Cancun.

Top 10 stag do destinations in the world according to

1. London

2. Prague

3. Budapest

4. Madrid

5. Las Vegas

6. Barcelona

7. Moscow

8. Krakow

9. Sofia

10. Cancun

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Have you already been to a stag do in our capital? Tell us about it in a comment (only the public details, you know ;)).

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