Gingerbread advent tram of Miskolc is the most beautiful in Europe
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jan 14, 2020

This is the third consecutive year when this advent tram wins the competition.

The so-called Gingerbread tram of Miskolc managed to retain its title as the most beautiful Advent tram of the old continent in the annual competition of a Czech website, MHD86.

This year, the voting started in the middle of December 2019 and the internet users could choose their favourite Advent trams from 23 cars from European cities and towns. Miskolc’s Gingerbread tram took the lead at the start, and this great momentum lasted until the end of the voting.

The Gingerbread tram won the competition with 52 000 votes. The Miskolc City Transportation Ltd. (MVK) announced this year’s victory on their Facebook page and also thanked everyone for voting and helping with the design and decorations.

The local advent tram of Miskolc gets a makeover for every year so the vehicle is redecorated annually, according to a different theme. In 2018, a frozen castle look awaited the passengers, and it was followed by the gingerbread theme in 2019. We can’t wait its new look for December 2020 – hopefully it will be a beauty competition winner again. ;)


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