Wow: Budapest among greenest European cities
Posted by Mia Balogh · Apr 30, 2020

Our capital is not only beautiful but also made its way to National Geographic’s top five forward-thinking cities in Europe. Let’s see what they think about Budapest.

It is true that nowadays the number one topic for people all around the world is COVID-19 but in the meantime – partly thanks to the Earth Day, which happened to be in the last week, 22 April – there is still a lot of conversation going on about climate change and eco-friendly solutions all around the world. Countries and big cities are looking for greener ways which is very important for our future on the planet.

Recently, National Geographic listed the top five forward-thinking European cities and we are so glad that Budapest is also on their list.

Our capital stands proudly in the middle of the compilation, preceded by Lahti, a Finnish city that might become carbon-neutral by 2025 and Lisbon, which is halving its CO2 emission. Under the name of Budapest, we’ll find Lyon, the gastronomic centre of France, and Edinburgh, the UK’s greenest city with 112 parks.

“The Hungarian capital recently saw the launch of the crowd-funded Green Guide Budapest map. Printed using soy-based ink, the free fold-out guide aims to steer visitors away from the usual attractions by highlighting parks, markets, and eco-friendly stores around the city,” - National Geographic writes about Budapest.

Budapest is going greener and greener, and we are looking forward to see how this tendency continues after the pandemic.

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