Restrictions remain in Budapest and Pest county, but the rest of the country may return slowly to normal life
Posted by Budnews · May 4, 2020

According to the new regulation, the exit restriction will be abolished nationwide from May 4, with the exception of Budapest and Pest county.

After two months of quarantine, there is a small hope that life could finally return to normal. Well, partly. From this week on, the rules will be loosened in Hungary, everywhere except Budapest and its surroundings. Let's see the details:

  • The restrictions remain in Budapest and in the territory of Pest county.
  • Everyone is obliged to keep social distance with other people, (except those living in common household), and to keep as far as possible, at least 1.5 meters from other people.
  • Everyone is required to wear a face mask to cover their mouth and nose (such as a medical mask, scarf, kerchief) in shops and on public transport.

In the other parts of the country:

  • All shops can be open and can be visited by shoppers.
  • Public areas and parks will also be open to the public with maintaining the social distance.
  • It is allowed to open the garden or terrace of restaurants, cafes, confectioneries, buffets, espresso bars and to eat the ordered food or drink there, but it is forbidden to stay inside the catering shop, except for those employed there. An exception is the delivery and transport of takeaway food.
  • Beaches can open from May 4, as well as open-air baths, open-air museums and zoos.
  • The protected shopping time slot of elderly people above 65 still remains.
  • Open air markets can also open.
  • Religious community ceremonies, civil marriages and funerals can take place. The social distance must be maintained all of these.
  • Higher education institutions will be open to students according to the decision of the Rector. Visiting dormitories is prohibited.
  • Sports events can be held indoors without spectators.
  • Participation in training organized by the sports association as well as for amateur sports, recreational sports and mass sports is allowed.
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