The biggest national holiday of Hungary is called off
Posted by Budnews · Jul 21, 2020

The ceremony and fireworks on 20 August is cancelled due to the epidemic.

20 August is Hungary's biggest holiday, the Day of the Foundation of the State, when we celebrate our country with numerous programs, Street of Flavors, a craft fair, air parade and fireworks. But this year will be different: due to the threat of the epidemic, all this will lag behind in 2020. This year, no events other than the officer inauguration will be held on this 4-day long weekend.

The decision is more than unexpected, as the news was about a larger-than-ever ceremony a few weeks ago, but the chief medical officer and the operative staff considered the situation. They said that the provisions taken so far have paid off, as the number of active patients has been steadily declining since May. Now the functioning of the economy, the relaunch and the daily lives of people are slightly affected by the restrictions, and this is not worth risking.

This event series would have moved hundreds of thousands of people and could unfortunately be the focal point of another wave of infection, so there will be no fireworks and St. Stephen's Day celebrations this year. But if you are planning a trip to Budapest, don't cancel it, because the city is beautiful even without the ceremony!

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