Giant anteater was born in Budapest Zoo
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jul 29, 2020

One of the newest additions to the brood of the Budapest Zoo is a baby anteater – we have already seen it, let us show you a photo about the baby.

The third offspring of the anteaters Isabela and William can be seen already in Budapest Zoo. The gender of the baby is still not known, because it is lying on her mother’s back who carries the small one all the time.

We have already seen the mom and the baby: the offspring was moving only once but her mother was more active, she couldn’t stop walking around. She is quite friendly by the way: came close to the glass wall of her house several times. She also has a courtyard, where our photo was taken.

‘Giant anteaters have powerful front legs and huge claws to allow them to dig out termite mounds looking for food, consumed with their long, sticky tongue. In recent weeks, all numbers of creatures have been born or arrived at Budapest Zoo, from a red panda to Parma kangaroos and flamingos’ – We Love Budapest writes.


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