Csepel bikes will replace the heavy, green MOL Bubi bikes
Posted by Budnews · Dec 9, 2020

The cult Hungarian bicycle brand, Csepel is launching a completely new, lighter shared bicycle fleet in Budapest.

If you have been to Budapest in the past 6 years, we’re sure you saw the green bikes of the city. This is MOL Bubi, the public bike system of the city. The bike system is now suspended and not just because the winter. The MOL Bubi bike sharing system will be renewed after 6 years!

News arrived that Csepel Ltd, the classic Hungarian bike brand had won the tender for the renewal: from next spring, lighter, Hungarian made bikes will form the fleet instead of the heavy old ones. BKK has announced the best offer in terms of value for money a few days ago. The company's 5-year offer includes the following:

  • 1,200 new bicycles with a weight of 21.4 kg each,
  • operation of 158 bike stations,
  • planning and licensing of new collection stations, relocation of old stations,
  • construction of a new software background system,
  • development of a new, user-friendly mobile application.

Can’t wait to see and try the new bikes!

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