5 things why Budapest is the perfect destination in 2021
Posted by Budnews · Dec 22, 2020

2020 has not turned out as planned, but it’s time to look ahead to 2021.

2020 was undeniably a strange year. It put us in situations we could never have imagined before. That’s why more people than ever have been waiting for this year to end, and now that we’re only days apart from this date, we’re looking ahead. We hope that in 2021 everything will go back to normal, so now here comes the 5 reasons why it will be worth returning to Budapest and Hungary next year.

The city is still beautiful. Of course. The Parliament, the Buda Castle, the historic city center, the Heroes' Square are all waiting for tourists to return in all their splendor. As life revives, so do these popular places.

There will hopefully be festivals next year. Not much is known yet about next year’s events, but it is likely that the organizers will strive to hold all possible events. And given that vaccinations have already begun in several European countries, we do not think that will be an obstacle.

The prices are very reasonable. Thanks to this year’s decline in tourism, prices have dropped significantly everywhere, be it airplane tickets or accommodation. If you book your trip now for next year, you can literally find offers for pennies, and the vast majority of accommodations can be canceled free of charge.

The baths in Budapest are still the best in Europe. While cheapness is true for all tourist destinations now, spas are something you won’t find anywhere else in Europe. Forgetting the long, hectic winter is no better than relaxing in one of the beautiful historic baths of Budapest.

Many sights have been renewed. The renewal and transformation of the City Park is making good progress, the expansion of Millenáris Park has been completed, the renovation of the legendary Klotild Palace has also been completed, another section of the M3 metro has been completed, countless parks and buildings have been renewed… you won't even know the city if you've been here a long time ago.

Will you come and see?

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