Legion Run Budapest
Posted by Katalin Török · Sep 15, 2014

Are you one of many? Are you courageous? Determined? Ready to overcome whatever comes your way? Here’s your chance to prove it. Legion Run, one of the most extreme running competition comes to our region. Are you Legion?

Legion Run is not simply a race or an event. It is a competition that’s not timed, the goal is not to be the best, if you’re the first to finish, you’re not celebrated. It is a challenge, where acting like a team is honored. Many participate for different reasons, but their goal is not to be the fastest – it is to be a part of it, to conqueer difficulties with joy, hard work, and by helping each other.

On 27th September, the Airport of Dunakeszi turns into a challenging pitch. The 5 km race track will contain obstacles of mud, fire and barbed wire. Each portion of the course will test you in body and mind and will require help from others. If you undertake the challenge, it surely will change you – in a good way.


The day doesn’t end with finishing the track – it is a victory that deserves to be celebrated. During the day, runners can start in waves, and in the meantime, several games and activities will be available for those who seek extra fun. The registration contains not only the T-shirt you can only get by participating, but a free beer as well, and live music provided by bands and DJs will give you another reason to move. If you don’t run, but would like to get the feel of the Legion, you can join the celebration as a fan or spectator for free (at your own risk – the celebrating runners might get you dirty). Legion Drummers and fire dancers will make the event unforgettable.

photo: https://www.facebook.com/legionrun

How come you haven’t heard about Legion Run earlier? It is because 2014 is this first year the challenge is organized – which means you can be among the first ones to start its history. The international initiative arrives in Hungary after Cyprus, Greece, and Bulgaria, on the 27th September.

For more information, visit Legion Run’s official web-site here: http://www.legionrun.com/

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