Posted by Eszter Hermann · Oct 20, 2014

After the inauguration of the new, modernized pier at Várkert Bazár at the end of August, another boat stop has been built on the other side of the Danube, at the Parliament.

BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport) has launched its scheduled boat services in 2012. These vehicles, because of the low speed, are hardly used for public transport – they rather function as cruise boat services. But as such, they have been highly popular among tourists.

BKK operates all together 4 lines, 2 of which (D12 and D13) only carry passengers during summer. D14 only substitutes the Soroksár-Csepel ferry, therefore has only 2 stops but D11 is perfect for sightseeing throughout the whole year. Among many others, it stops at Szent Gellért Square, where you can visit the park and take a tour up to the Citadella. It disembarks passengers at Petőfi Square, Batthyány Square or at the pier of A38 ship. In winter, it departures every hour. Furthermore, in summer, the list of stops also include Kopaszi Gát, a popular recreation area in Buda, right next to the Danube.

As of 29 August, you can also visit the newly renovated building, one of the most precious monuments, cultural venues and World Heritage Sites of Budapest by boat, since - as part of a bigger project - a pier at Várkert Bazár has been inaugurated, too.


And the number of boat stops on River Danube increases more and more. From 15 October, BKK ships can disembark passengers opposite Várkert Bazár, at the Parliament building as well. Kossuth Lajos Square, as a stop of M2 metro line and Tram Line 2 seems to be the perfect location for a pier which now offers a better connection to Buda Castle. The aim is to allow boats to approach attractions and make it easier for tourists to access popular sights of Budapest. The first phase has been to simply provide a place for ships to land near the Parliament – bulilding, modernizing the coast at the pier is the second, upcoming part of the project.

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