Posted by Eszter Hermann · Feb 23, 2015

BudNews has recently reported that Tom Hanks is coming to Hungary to shoot his newest top-notch Hollywood movie, Inferno, the adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel. Together with the many other films shot in the Hungarian capital, it only confirms the decision of travel website that has chosen Budapest into the 5 most popular European filming locations.

Everyone knows that Budapest has become a very popular tourist destination in the past few years. At the same time, a new type of cultural tourism, film tourism is starting to flourish, too. More and more filmmakers choose the Hungarian capital to shoot their movies and the sights, streets of the city frequently appear on the screen. Cinema lovers come to Budapest to visit the filming locations of their favourite movie scenes boosting the popularity of the city.

Thanks to the film shootings and this new trend in travel, places, sites that have not been popular or one might never even heard of become top destinations. According to Hungarian Tourism Ltd., travellers who arrive to see famous filming locations spend a considerable amount of money on hotel rooms, booking at least 100 accomodations a year. And the increasing number of film tourists is not only beneficial for hotels, but other representatives of the service sector as well.

Hopefully, this trend will be even more popular now that has chosen Budapest as one of the top 5 best European destinations for movie fans. The list features cities such as London (the filming location of the Harry Potter movies or Bridget Jones’s Diary among many others), Paris, Prague and Rome. Popular movies such as I Spy (Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson), Underworld (Kate Beckinsale), Transporter 3 (Jason Statham) or A Good Day to Die Hard (Bruce Willis) have some of their memorable locations from Budapest.

„Featured in some amazing films like Munich, An American Rhapsody and Dinotopia, Budapest is one of the most wonderful filming locations throughout the world. Located in Central Europe, makes it a preferred choice for filmmakers due to the production discounts offered by the government and the budget-friendly labour.” Another factor in Budapest’s increasing popularity is that its storefronts and localities can easily be made to resemble those of other cities like Moscow, London or Paris.

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