Posted by Eszter Hermann · Feb 27, 2015

In the past few years there have been some changes in the square and city names of Budapest, the most contraversial probably being the restoration of the original name of Moszkva Square that, almost four years ago, became Széll Kálmán Square. It’s been announced that another location will be selected named after the Russian capital.

Széll Kálmán tér is located on Buda side, in District II and is one of the city’s busiest transport interchanges. Its present name is actually its first one; in 1929 the area was named after Hungarian prime minister Kálmán Széll. After the Communist takeover, the Soviet occupation, in 1951 it was renamed to Moszkva tér (Moscow Square). Following the fall of the Communist regime, there was a debate whether to return to the name Széll Kálmán, but the name finally remained.

Not forever though. On 26 March, 2011, the City Council of Budapest restored the original name of the square, it became Széll Kálmán tér again. It was followed by various reactions, but there are some people still not having gotten used to the old-new name and referring to the square as Moszkva tér. They might be either satisfied or confused after a totally different location in Budapest will be Moszkva Square soon. Before the final proposal, the mayor of Budapest will be visited by the Moscow mayor, due in a few months. During this visit, they might also agree on a street to be named after Budapest in Moscow.

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