Mini Magyarország reopens with brand new buildings
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Mar 28, 2016

From now on, Hungary’s biggest scale-model park exhibits all famous buildings and landscapes of the country and the cross-border areas.

Don’t you have time to explore the whole country? Never mind. It is enough to visit Mini Magyarország (Mini Hungary) Model Park in Szarvas. This season the park has 9 new attractions, so you can meet more details than ever by examining the more than 50 mini buildings. Among the new scale models of the most beautiful buildings of Upper Hungary there are Krasznahorka castle and Church of Hungarian Saints for example, but the castles of Árva, Bajmóc and Pozsony and the bishopric building of Nyitra can also be viewed. And of course, do not forget about the “old” buildings as well: Parliament, the Esztergom Basilica, Castle of Eger, Hévíz thermal lake, Castle of Fertőd, just to name some of them. Each is an identical copy of the original.

Mini Magyarország opened in 2013 as the newest model park of Europe in the Arboretum of Szarvas. Here, in the largest arboretum in Hungary, in the geometric center of the Carpathian Basin and the historical Hungary we can meet Hungary’s history, traditions and architectural sights. If you like these kinds of things don’t miss it! In the country's only interactive model park we can roam the entire country within a few hours.

For those of you who are familiar with the country, we would recommend to check out the models in order to obtain assurance on the realistic implementation that covers all details. And for those who has never seen the Cifrapalota in Kecskemét, the mosque in Pécs or the Turul in Tatabanya and never heard the echo at Tihany Abbey; who would like to see a battle scene in the Castle of Eger or simply doesn’t remember exactly, whose sculptures are in the Heroes’ Square; for all of them, this place is a must to make up for the gaps.

The buildings are connected by mini train, surrounded with beautifully designed vegetation and life-like replicas. Mini Magyarország take place 170 km far from the capital, so it’s not even a big deal to travel from Budapest. By train it’s only 2 hours. The program is very child friendly, so feel free to bring along the whole family.


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