Breathtaking pictures of Budapest from a brave local photographer
Posted by Mia Balogh · Apr 29, 2016

Tamás Rizsavi’s passion is photography, he isn’t even afraid to risk his life for some of his incredible pics!

I really like taking pictures and I think that some snaps are really worth climbing a little higher or leaning out from a window, if it is totally safe. But I’m not sure I would be fearless enough to do what a Hungarian photographer Tamás Rizsavi does for his amazing pics (in my opinion, the guy must be a total adrenalin-junkie ;)).

‘For 6 years I’ve been climbing Budapest’s most significant buildings, towers, monuments and everything I can to shoot the perfect pictures about my hometown. Real love and passion! I even risk my life to take pictures of my hometown in unrepeatable lights and from unbelievable heights’ – he wrote on

‘I try to take pictures in different lights and weather conditions because I would like to show everyone how beautiful Budapest is. Originally I am a train driver but my true passion is photography. With that, I would like to show the world how proud I am of the place where I live’ – he added.

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Photo credit: Tamás Rizsvai via

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