New pavilions of City Park are here
Posted by Budnews · Jun 16, 2017

The beautiful new buildings were built based on 157-year-old plans.

Whether you agree with the transformation of City Park or not, one thing is sure: the wooden booths before Széchenyi Bath had to go. And they did: 3 new pavilion were built on the Zoo Promenade that fits perfectly to the historic milieu of Budapest, as their plans were dreamed by Frigyes Feszl (who designed Pest Vigadó) in 1860.

The plans of one of the most famous masters of Hungarian romantic architecture were realized in 1862 and it was expanded in 1885 to a national exhibition, but the Millennium Exhibition swept it away. Now the former elegant pavilion is rebuilt, in fact, three times. One of the buildings functions as a cafe-confectionary shop, second one sells the artworks of more than forty Hungarian designers, taking care of social convergence and environmental consciousness, the third serves as a simpler gift shop. Don’t worry: balloon shop and scone shop are still there and the new covered terrace is really practical if the rain begins to fall.

So the new pavilions are ready, and if you have some time, take a look at it, because the change is really big:



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