5 super refreshing programs for this summer in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jun 19, 2017

Do you spend your summer holiday in Budapest, or will you work here this summer? Well, the city can be quite hot but you won’t miss some watery fun, if you check out any of these program tips.   

What the hekk?!

Couples, friends and families in Budapest can’t wait summer to arrive, because the majority of them visit the riverbank of Romai at this time of the year to enjoy a good Hungarian fish & chips. The fish is called ‘hekk’ and it is normally served with fries. I think it doesn’t matter which small place in there do you choose to taste it (there are no big differences in the prices and in the quality), because the most important thing will be the feeling that you have tried it.

Seashore? No. This is Lupa Beach

Budapest doesn’t have a seashore but in the neighbouring Budakalász, you will find a beautiful lake called Lupa lake, where you can relax on white sands, under palm trees. Incredible? Absolutely. But the most amazing thing is that you can actually believe that you have spent your day at the coastline, and with your selfies taken here, you can also make your friends believe it. Well, in the end, you can tell them the truth (if you want).

Pools, baths, spas

If you decide to stay in the city, you can choose to visit a nice pool, a bath or a spa. Let me suggest you an iconic location: Széchenyi Bath, where you can enjoy – besides 21 pools and different services – a Beer Spa, as well. It means that you can sit in traditional wooden tubs filled with 36 degree thermal water and a jug of natural beer ingredients (malt, hops, yeast) and you can also drink beer, as much as you want.

Boats of the Danube

Travelling on a boat on the Danube is so much fun, and it has become also a quite cheap option to get from one place to another in the city. Try BKV boats on weekdays, and enjoy a memorable boat trip in Budapest for 750 HUF or with a monthly pass for free. On the weekends, monthly pass owners have to buy tickets, too. Are these boats too slow for you? Then try Dunarama water taxi, which is able to reach 70 km/h and has rock music on board. Cool, isn’t it?

SUP-tour to Visegrád

Have you ever been on a SUP-tour? If you are an experienced stand up paddling ‘champion’, I can highly recommend you to try the SUP tour from the riverbank of Romai to Visegrád. I have already missed one of these occasions (it was organized on 17 June), but I hope that there will be some other SUP tours this summer. For more info, follow SUP Budapest’s Facebook page.

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