5 reasons why Linda, the scooter is extraordinary
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jul 7, 2017

At first sight, Linda looks like a vehicle from a sci-fi movie from the eighties but it is worth reading on – it is something special! Why? Let us tell you here.  

  1. We have read on Forbes.hu recently that a Hungarian team is working a new motor scooter prototype. Linda, the scooter is quite interesting: with its squared shapes, it looks like a retro vehicle from the eighties but it is equipped with the latest technologies.
  2. It has an LCD screen where you can fix your phone, as well. The vehicle is operated via a mobile application, which will also help you find the charger stations – according to the plans, these will be soon placed at several points of the city.
  3. Linda is like a modern electric scooter but a bigger one: it has lithium-ion batteries and a self-winding charging cable. We think that the only problem with using this vehicle in the traffic would be the lack of charging stations. You can’t charge your scooter everywhere, not even in this era when we depend from electricity this much – we simply have to charge our gadgets, phones, tablets, etc. from time to time.
  4. Linda is planned to be a gadget, and aims to change our opinion about electric bikes, which are still not cool and popular enough. But the prototype is stylish and its colours are funny, friendly and draw our attention at first glance. Which one do you prefer, the light blue or the bright yellow?
  5. Linda’s creators think that people who travel alone in their cars day by day should consider changing their cars to electric vehicles so traffic jams would be reduced. Linda has also a chance to give a boost to the Hungarian motor industry. Is it a possible future or stays just a dreams? We will see next year, when the first Linda moped will be launched.

Source: https://forbes.hu/uzlet/magyarok-fejlesztik-a-legdogosebb-mopedet/

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