Two major projects have been completed in the renewing City Park
Posted by Budnews · Oct 15, 2019

The restoration of the 130-year-old Millennium House and the new playground is ready.

This October is a great moth regarding the Liget project – the reconstruction work of the City Park. The historic Olof Palme House - now the Millennium House - has been reconstructed in its old splendor, and the building will open its doors to visitors on the first day of the fall school holiday, October 26th.

The building hosts an interactive exhibition of the Golden Age of the City Park, and a unique Cafe house decorated with Zsolnay ceramics, that recalls the turn of the 20th century. The main entrance of the building was returned to the original side facing Hermina Road, and in front of it, as part of the landscaping renovation of the park, a rose garden has been created with 1500 roses. And - if it wouldn't be enough - the park got a beautiful new Zsolnay fountain harmonizing with the rich facade decoration of the building.

Talking about the ceramics: dozens of Zsolnay decorations have been renewed on the facade by dozens of restorers, and even the interiors have been restored the original spatial structure. The new rooftop has also been completed, which has huge glass surfaces above the two wings of the building, allowing natural light to illuminate the interiors.

But this is not the only reason why the weekend of autumn school break will be special. The huge playground will also be opened: this will be Hungary's most complex and most modern playground. The more than 13,000 square meter of parkland will feature nearly fifty special playthings, including a three-level climbing balloon, inspired by Pál Szinyei Merse's painting Airship. This Children's Empire in the City Park has separate slide systems for each age group, nest-, circle-, balance- and suspended swings, ropes, rotating toys, individual and doubles sprung toys, trampolines, various sandboxes and even water toys.

Opening the Grand Playground is the first major milestone on the road to a family-friendly and child-friendly City Park (thanks to the Liget Budapest project, a total of seven new playgrounds will be located in the renewed park). So if you'll be here in Budapest on October 26, on in the next few week, don't miss to check out he new Millennium House and the Grand Playground.

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