Citadel of Budapest is turning into a museum
Posted by Budnews · Jun 9, 2020

The building will get a new function soon.

The Citadel is one of the main attractions of Budapest, yet it is in poor condition. Its utilization has been an issue for years, which now seems to be solved as the Castle Capitol decided to establish a museum commemorating the freedom struggles of the Hungarians in it - after a renovation.

Why this place is so important? The hill got a privileged role in the national mythological memory early in the 11th century, as it was the venue of the martyrdom of St. Gellért. The most important idea that still define the discourse about the place comes from Széchenyi, according to whom the function of a national pantheon - Walhalla - should be built for the greats of the nation. Instead this idea, a really practical military base was built on the Gellert Hill after the fall of the War of Independence, which was demilitarized only at the turn of the century, but was not found a new function until the 1960s. Moreover, in 1947, the Liberation Monument, an iconic statue of Budapest was erected in front of the Citadel, which became a symbol of Soviet oppression.

Knowing all this, it is understandable that this place is difficult to utilize due to the unclear fields of meaning and special character, and holds serious mental and professional challenges for architects, politicians or historians. But as it has significant role in the cityscape, Budapest has to do something with it. So let’s see what future holds for the building.

According to the current government decision, a museum commemorating the freedom struggles of the Hungarians will be established in the building of the Citadel, and its surroundings will be arranged and landscaped. The first phase of the developments will last until 2022, and after the archaeological and design work, the renovation of the Citadel's inner courtyard and outer walls will begin. The exhibition will be implemented in the second phase until 2023, with preparatory work also assisted by a group of historians and experts. Can’t wait to see the results!

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